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Wholesale Milk & Gelato Ice Cream in Sussex




Latchetts Farm was set up in 2019 by Grant Butler  with a simple concept “Cow to Cone”. Grant is a fourth generation dairy farmer and has followed the family tradition of farming with cows grazing on grass to produce quality milk.

Grant envisioned a new way of using the milk supplied by his herd of cows... GELATO.


The concept soon took shape creating amazing yummy fresh GELATO being sold in a new parlour on the family’s farm in June 2019. A new cabinet stocking 18 incredible flavours homemade at Latchetts Farm was now alive and people started coming for a scoop or two!

Sussex Milk Latchetts Farm
Latchett Farm Dairy Herd Cows


Taste it! We really do believe that once you try it you would stock us. We believe that the GELATO is so tasty due to our cows roaming freely in the traditional way of farming.

We are passionate about creating not only a very tasty product, but a traceable product made with fresh ingredients. We are flexible in how
we work, creating bespoke flavours
for our wholesale customers.

We can supply you 5 litre scooping pans or 4 litre tubs

 We are here to support you, from general advise to marketing materials, we are here for you.


Traceability is always at the front of our minds, creating GELATO through a channel that can be controlled from start to finish. The Milk comes fresh from our cows every day and we add a few key ingredients to it making a very creamy tasting base.

Once we have the base it is time to get creative. We make 10 core flavours each week with two amazing sorbets. Six new flavours are then created each week from cheesecakes to desserts - we love making new flavours for everyone to try.

All the GELATO is made fresh to order.
We don’t hold stock. We believe
in supplying our customers and
wholesale clients a fresh product.

Latchetts Fresh Milk Uckfield
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